Ride Or Die Makeup Tag

I waste a really ridiculous amount of time watching YouTube videos about beauty related things, so I see a lot of tags and challenges that YouTube gurus create or participate in. One such tag I saw recently was the “Ride or Die Makeup” tag on Jaclyn Hill’s channel in which she talked about her holy grail, ride or die products, picking only one for each category. I thought it would be fun to try this for myself!

Ride or Die Primer

I don’t have a ride or die face primer because I bounce around a lot and sometimes I don’t even wear it. I do however have a ride or die eye primer which is Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.HG Products 2

I hate the newer packaging of this primer but the product itself is great. I’ve tried 3 or 4 other eye primers and this one holds on to my shadow the best which is essential because I have super oily lids.

Ride or Die Foundation

I wear and try a lot of different foundations, but my hands-down favorite is YSL Fusion Ink Foundation.

HG Products 1
This is the shade Honey which is a little light for me right now but is perfect for when I am lighter.

I’ve been wearing it for almost a year and a half (I’ve sprinkled in a few others but this is the one I always come back to) and I love it. It’s pretty matte when you first apply it, but it actual seems to look better as the day progresses. It’s a very watery felling liquid, but the coverage is amazing (medium to full) and it doesn’t look cakey. As far as longevity goes, this one stays on until I wash it off, even without primer underneath.

Ride or Die Concealer

I have been down for MAC Pro Longwear Concealer since 2011, but last year I jumped on the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer train and never looked back.

hg products 6
This is the shade Caramel which is my summer color, I switch to Biscuit in the middle of fall.

This isn’t as crease-proof as Pro Longwear, but I’m willing to sacrifice a little for the sake of the beautiful finish of this concealer. It’s about a medium coverage, but it is true to it’s name in that it is very creamy, making it easy to blend. The finish looks fresh rather than heavy and I think it wears really well throughout the day.

Ride or Die Setting Powder

There are a few things that I’ve seen on Pinterest that I’ve assumed are too good to be true, but such is not the case with Ben Nye Banana Powder. hg products 11

This yellow setting powder is perfect for my skin tone and does an excellent job of locking my makeup into place. I especially like it under the eyes because even if I go a little too light with the concealer it tones everything down. I bought the smallest jar size I could find for $15.00 and have that jar for about a year and half with no end in sight.

Ride or Die Brow Product

Brows are something I’ve only experimented with in the last year or two, but my hands down favorite brow product is Glossier Boy Brow.

hg products 5
I use the shade Brown.

While this product is newer to me, I know without a doubt that it is HG status. I use this every day regardless of how dramatic I’m going with my brows. It stays put (even in the pool), it deposits a decent amount of color without looking too intense, and it really tames all of my wonky hairs.

Ride or Die Eye Liner

L’Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner is my bae for life. Period. hg products 3

I use liquid liner too but I always come back to gel because it’s easier for me to apply. This gel is creamy without being to smudgy and sets for all day wear.

Ride or Die Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Original mascara has been IT for me for the past few years, but it was recently dethroned by it’s amped up sister L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara.hg products 4

This dual-ended mascara comes with a lash primer and a regular mascara and the combo makes my lashes look insane in a good way. I’m pretty sure the actual mascara is the same formula as Voluminous Original so you get the added benefit of extra length and volume with the primer.

Ride or Die Blush

I’m obsessed with Makeup Geek Cosmetics so it should be no surprise that my favorite blush is from that brand.hg products 7

MUG Spellbound is my favorite blush of all time as I’m sure the picture above makes very clear. It’s a soft pink shade with a slightly cool undertone and I think it’s so flattering with every makeup look I do. MUG recently reformulated their blushes so they’re even more smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend.

Ride or Die Highlighter

Deciding which brand to go with on this category was a no-brainer, but landing on a favorite shade/texture was quite difficult. After much deliberation, I decided Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold is my ride or die.hg products 8

Rose Gold was my first ever Becca purchase and so I’ve basically deemed it the gateway drug. The shade is perfect for my skin tone and gives me a nice glow without being super obvious. It’s definitely more intense than some of the other highlighters I’ve used, but it’s gorgeous.

Ride or Die Lipstick

I couldn’t pick just one lipstick! I swear I tried, but it came down to two (one soft, one bold) and I decided to lay them both on you. As far as softer shades go, I am OBSESESSED with NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna. It’s a cool toned, soft pink and I am actually on my second tube since last year. The formula is very opaque and creamy but it stays on really well with a nice satin finish. hg products 9

As far as bold lipsticks go, my heart will forever belong to MAC Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is a super matte, blue-based red that I truly believe looks amazing on everyone. It’s really dry, but totally worth it because it doesn’t budge.hg products 10

Ride or Die Eye Shadow Palette

If we’re not counting my own custom-made palette, my ride or die eye shadow palette would be the Lorac Pro Palette. I recently de-potted it so I don’t have a picture in the original packaging, but it’s the perfect mix of easily blendable matte and shimmery, neutral shades.

Jaclyn had some other categories on her list, but they were things I either don’t use enough to have an HG or that I just don’t use at all.

Now it’s your turn, what are your HG, Ride or Die makeup products?


26 thoughts on “Ride Or Die Makeup Tag

  1. I love seeing what’s at the top of the list for everyone. I’ve been debating the Lorac Pro and the Anastasia palette. I do have some neutrals already, but I know the Lorac would be one I could use daily if need be. NARS creamy concealer is my ride or die too. UD was my ride or die, but as I’ve gotten older my lids aren’t nearly as oily (32 yo), and ELF is working fine for me. Professional is my favorite primer. I would like to see your favorite skin primer. And I’m going to have to check out that Ben Nye powder. I have the MU Forever, but it’s so expensive!! Still searching for my HG foundation. I loved the MUF but that was years ago.

    1. The Lorac one is the best as an every day palette but I do really love the new Anastasia one. It’s just very warm, which I like. I don’t have a favorite skin primer, I’m still bouncing around primers but some that I really like are the Neutrogena Oil Control Primer, Too Faced Primed and Poreless, Eve Lom (can’t remember the exact name but it has SPF), and Embryolisse Hydra Mat (technically not a primer and I didn’t love it at first, but it’s grown on me). If I want to look more dewy I like the Becca Backlight Priming Filter or there’s one from MAKE that I like it’s blue but I can’t remember the name right now lol.

      1. Daaaaaang. You know all the primers! I’m going to price check! I still have oily/combo skin, but not like it used to be in my 20s. I’ll look into these! The first and second would be in my budget, I would have to look at the rest. Primers really do last a long time for me. I have a large tube of Porefessional I’ll probably use up before purchasing one, but I keep a beauty “to buy” list in the notes of my phone!!! Thanks! I’m so torn on these. my bday is the end of October. I could ask for the other on my bday. 🙂 may do that. The Anastasia one would probably be the one I would get first, then I could get rid of some older shadows when I get the Lorac. Thanks for your help!!!!

      2. If you like Porefessional than the Too Faced one is a similar texture but for some reason worked better for me. The Neutrogena one has a slightly more lotion feel to it but it’s one of the better ones I’ve tried.

  2. That NARS lipstick is gorgeous and looks like something I would reach for often on a daily basis. These kind of pink tones tend to look best on me, rather than peachy looks (I think). I have kind of a tan skin that is yellow undertones but can wear a neutral foundation. Do you think I could get away with a really warm palette? I can wear burnt oranges and coppers and warm browns, and I have blue eyes. I also have pretty warm purples I wear too. My hair is a red violet. I think it would be okay. The ones that give me pause are the tan colors, as I’ve never worn a yellow tan shadow (cream, but not that dark). I’ve watched Thift Thick’s review but my skin is way more tan than hers (especially now at the end of the summer). If I get it now though, I could play with it. And my guy is saying it would look good. I may go swatch some In store (just not near my eyeball) to make sure before purchasing.

      1. Yes, I’m lighter. Dang it, I can’t get pics to copy and paste here. Maybe I need to try this from my computer, rather than my phon . I posted some of my pics on the latest Xovain article for the LOTW. (Gross beauty stories article). I went and looked in person at ULTA. My face tends to have a lot of redness, and I think the original Lorac pro would be the safest bet. I think the Anastasia palette is too warm for me. I’m Irish, Native American, and Italian. I’m AnnieOakley over there.

  3. And saying this again, since it didn’t post (maybe it takes a bit, so I apologize if it posts twice), but this woman knows her primers!!!!! I’m going to save these names to look up after I get close to the end of my primer. Lower to mid price range is best for me, was supposed to see a drugstore option, but that’s awesome!!! Primer is usually a daily product, so I don’t mind spending some money on it.

    1. Surprised* To see (oops)

      Also, after you post I may copy my info down below so I can comment and only have to paste it, lol and not re-enter the info! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!!!! Great content!!!! Really, really happy to see you here!!!!! We are missing seeing you at Xovain! If there becomes another place to “stalk” you, let us know. I don’t really do IG anymore but do snapchat sometimes.

      1. Thank you! I’m excited to be doing my own blog so I can crank out some extra content. I’m missing xoVain too but I have lots of stuff in the queue to be published. Then new schedule just means I won’t be published as much for now but I still read everything each day and I’m still writing for them even if it doesn’t seem like it haha.

  4. Last one for today, promise! I would love to see a post on makeup tools w favorite brushes, storage ideas, cleaning techniques. I’ve heard the girl at ULTA say she uses African Black soap to clean her brushes, & was curious about that. I would trust for brushes but scared to use on BB (use baby shampoo or dial at times). You know we always love tutorials. Maybe an article on where you get your beauty news and info (reliable sources). You don’t need to respond to any of this mess of a message. Just letting you know some ideas for the future that would interest me– if you are interested.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I wrote a piece for xoVain regarding some affordable brush options but I’m not sure when it will get published with the new posting schedule. I do use other types of brushes too though so I could definitely do a post on my most used brushes. I wash my brushes with my cleanser (Philosophy Purity) and then spray them with a antibacterial spot cleanser as well just to be sure so it might not be the most cost effective suggestion. I’ll see if I can come up with some more budget-friendly alternatives.

      1. That sounds like a great combo. I’ve seen some cheap spot cleaners. If I can buy a big bottle I don’t mind investing. And a cleaner that would work on both a BB and brushes would be nice. I’ll be patient and wait though!

      2. I can’t wait to read the new article! I enjoyed your storage post for shadows!!! Very informative. One of the workers at ULTA said they used African Black soap, and I’ve seen a variety of price points for the spray brush cleaners for in between washes. I do use the dial (rarely) or baby shampoo but want to make sure they are clean. I think I’ve also heard of using dr bonner’s? P.s.-I gave up posting pics!!!! At least from my phone. Lmk if I’m wrong!

  5. Wonderful article and good info! We have similar skin types and I was eyeing the YSL foundation, but the alcohol content worries me. Going to have to get a sample as I’m still seeking my HG in the foundation department! My absolute-all-time-love-forever mascara is YSL Vinyl Couture – but for the price, I always turn to L’Oreal Superstar!. Just ordered a sample of the Ben Nye powder – I’ve heard great things about it.

    My ride or die liquid lipstick is (currently) Embellishment by NYX and my regular lipstick is Nars Cruella lip crayon. So easy for those rushed mornings! Just ordered Maybelline lipstick in Midnight Blue – that will probably become my evening go-to for the fall. I have no loyalty to blushes because I don’t wear much blusher (unless I’m super tired or ill and need to fool people into believing I’m fully awake or in perfect health ha ha).

    Watching the conversation about the Anastasia palette tempted me so I re-read your article on XO and logged into Sephora to purchase and it is out of stock! Bummed! Glad we can still hear from you no matter what the new rotation is at XOvain!

    1. ULTA has it in store, I’m about 99% sure. I was just there Sunday, if you want to try it out. I think I’m going to go in the direction of Lorac personally, but the colors were gorgeous.

    2. I can’t wait to read the new article! I enjoyed your storage post for shadows!!! Very informative. One of the workers at ULTA said they used African Black soap, and I’ve seen a variety of price points for the spray brush cleaners for in between washes. I do use the dial (rarely) or baby shampoo but want to make sure they are clean. I think I’ve also heard of using dr bonner’s? P.s.-I gave up posting pics!!!! At least from my phone. Lmk if I’m wrong!

    3. I have yet to find a foundation I like as much as the YSL. There are certainly ones that are close but it’s the best. It looks pretty matte at first just as a warning, but it develops really well on the skin after 30 minutes or so.

      It looks like that palette is sold out pretty much everywhere, hopefully they’ll restock it! I’m glad to have a place to do some extra writing!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. Matt is for me and it sounds like it’ll set by the time I’m at work. I’ve just invested my beauty budget on quality/effective skin care, and then took the rest. Once I’m shopping again, I’ll check out the YSL foundation. Hoping to hold off spending until the Sephora VIB sale in November…but we’ll see how strong my willpower is!

  6. I feel like I’ve totally faithless to ride or dies now haha. Like I keep bouncing around from NARS lip pencils to CP mattes to Revlon balm stains – maybe this time next year I’ll find some RODs?

    1. Yeah I bounce around products a lot too but I picked stuff that I’ve repurchased, used a lot, or that I always come back to. There are so many great offerings out there it’s hard to pick just one!

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