Does Color Corrector Really Work For Under Eye Circles?

Color correcting products have been around for a really long time, but they’ve been having a big surge in popularity in the last year which begs the question, do they really work for under eye circles? Let me start by saying there are a number of factors that contribute to dark under eye-circles (including genetics) so I don’t believe that there is some magically cure-all that’s going to make them disappear. I’m also not a person who uses color corrector everyday, because sometimes you’ve just got to rock those under eye bags. I guess all that is to say, don’t read this and feel like you have to run out and buy color corrector; if you want to try it out definitely, but no one HAS to color correct.

Here’s what I’m working with sans color corrector. 

I’ve tried a few different color correctors and because my skin tone is in between dark and light, I’ve ended up mixing two colors to get a good shade. Becca Backlight Targeted Color Corrector in Papaya which was sent to me by a friend and Smashbox Color Correcting Stick in Look Less Tired (Light)-Peach. Becca does have a shade lighter that would probably work out well as far as shade goes, but I like the mixture of textures in the Becca and the Smashbox products.

This is the Becca corrector which is a little deeper orange irl (I’m moving right now so my lights aren’t set up yet sorry).

The texture of the Becca product is pretty tacky, while the Smashbox Pencil is more creamy, so together they strike a really good balance for me.

I start by applying the orange corrector on the inner third of my under eye area and I pat blend it  out towards the outer corner of my eye. I do this all before I even apply foundation. Next I go in the same area with the Smashbox pencil to brighten the under eye area a bit. I finish everything by applying my foundation and under eye concealer.

This is with color corrector, foundation, and concealer.

Overall I think this definitely makes an improvement on my under eye circles, but not necessarily enough that I’d be willing to do it every day. I think it actually does look better in real life than it does in photos (usually I find the opposite is true).

Final verdict on color correcting under eye circles? Meh

I’m still willing to play around with them and see if I find a product that I absolutely love (you will be the first to hear about it if I do), but I can’t help but feel like this just adds another step to my routine that I could live without.

What are your thoughts on color correcting? Are there any color-correcting products you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and Hugs,



5 thoughts on “Does Color Corrector Really Work For Under Eye Circles?

  1. I was curious about that Smashbox pencil. So glad you talked about it! As a trained artist, I’ve used color theory in makeup application since I was a teen. It really came in handy when I needed to cover red acne marks through early adulthood and the sun/PIH spots I’m blessed with now. But I completely agree with you…it’s worth it for a special event or if my dark spots are particularly annoying, but meh. It’s certainly not something I do every morning when I have less than 30 minutes to make myself appear professional and adult-like before running out the door.

    My skin is neutral/slight yellow leaning, so find that yellow-based concealers work perfectly. I just use a smidge of KA sensual skin enhancer in SX01 on a liner brush after I’ve dipped the brush tip into my foundation and give a swirl on the area that needs to be tamed. Pat it down with a finger and voila! Offending spot vanished! L’oreal dream lumi touch concealer in ivory is yellow-based, so that works well enough if I’m traveling.

  2. I have to agree with you, I have color corrected before but it’s just not something I do everyday too much of a hassle. And most days I tend to just rock my dark circles! Maybe for special occasions or photography it would be more worth it!

  3. I do find that applying color corrector helps, but doesn’t necessarily provide the staying power that a good under eye concealer gives. That is my experience at least. I just am a baby beginner in this area and use the peachy NYX color corrector in the palette under my Bye-Bye Undereye which is soo pigmented. I was a NARS convert but at the end of this summer, I found Vanilla to be a bit light, so tried a peach, tan color by it cosmetics and love it. I only need a dab, but you really need to seal it in with powder. I would highly recommend for anyone who does want to conceal their serious circles. It does have a thicker finish, and I like it for different reasons than the NARS, which I do feel is more versitile. At the same time, I’m comfortable in no makeup (aka tinted moisturizer/SPF). I’ve also used a red/orange lipstick as color corrector–no shame!! 🙂 it was a bit oily, but worked!

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