Beauty on the Road: Interview with Zenni Beauty on Freelancing and Van Living

As one might expect of a beauty addict, I have spent more than my fair share of time (and money) gleefully perusing the aisles of Sephora. This is exactly how I met Kenzie of Zenni Beauty a year or so ago, as she was working as a makeup artist at my favorite Sephora. After chatting every time I went in, we became Facebook friends (it’s not official until it’s Facebook official amirite?) and through that I’ve become a fan of her work. After moving to Portland, Kenzie recently announced on Facebook that her and her husband were going to be converting a cargo van into a minimalist living space to take a crack at life on the road. As a fellow MUA I had to ask her about how she was going to make van living work while still freelancing.

Look at this beauty! Cat Eye Game is on strong!!

I saw you were in the process of converting to van-living, what does that mean for you as a makeup artist/beauty enthusiast?

I am going to continue to work at the Portland Sephora part time, but I am freelancing all over the Pacific Northwest from our van home!

As far as freelancing goes, how will converting to van living impact your makeup collection/freelance kit?

My plan is to condense my freelance makeup collection to fit into a large train case. My husband and I are about to start construction of the storage of our van home, and we are creating an area for the case to fit snug so nothing moves around on the road.

How have you organized (or how do you plan to organize) your makeup in a way that will suit a more minimalist lifestyle? 

Lots of Z Palettes! I’m also planning to invest in foundation palettes in order to get away from having so many glass bottles floating around in my kit and I’ve purchased some brush rolls to store my brushes in a sanitary way. As for my personal collection, I am narrowing it down to the basics in order for it to fit in a small train case. So again, lots of Z Palettes! The Smashbox Shape Matter’s Palette is a must for me because it has eye shadows, brow products and contour powders! I am planning to purchase the Impressions Vanity Slaycase Vanity Travel Case so I can have good lighting on the go.

How long have you been a makeup artist and what are your favorite aspects of working in the industry?

I have been a makeup artist for almost 3 years now! My favorite thing about working in the beauty industry is having the opportunity to make my client feel beautiful, confident and like a badass! I love meeting so many people from different walks of life, and my favorite thing is the reveal and getting to experience the client witness a transformation.

What inspired you to work as a makeup artist?

Right after high school, I started really experimenting with makeup. I watched YouTube and went to Sephora often to learn more and immerse myself in the culture and art. I discovered how transformative and temporary makeup is and I fell deeply in love with it. From there on, I was determined to share the artistic power with people around me and that led me to a freelancing and a Sephora career.

When will you officially be living the van life and what made you guys decide to explore that way of living?

We are officially moving into the van the first week of October 2016! We have been researching minimalism for years and are planning to build our own tiny home in the future. We saw van life as a perfect opportunity to get a taste of tiny living while exploring the road!zenni-beauty-1

To see more of Kenzie and her beautiful work check out these links:

Do you think you could do a more minimalist lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty on the Road: Interview with Zenni Beauty on Freelancing and Van Living

  1. Kenzie, you are wickedly talented! The looks that you have created are mind blowing! I have looked through these pictures several times and notice new details about your liner, shadow, lipstick color combos, hair, and jewelry. You are very talented, and I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure!!!

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