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MOTD: The Almost Dragon Lady

If you read the title of this week’s MOTD you might have wondered, “what’s an ‘Almost Dragon Lady’?” Well friends, an Almost Dragon Lady is basically what you get when all of your attempts at turning yourself into a dragon with makeup fail, EPICALLY. I think with beauty tutorials, readers really only get to see the best of the process and the best of the results which might make you think that beauty bloggers perfectly execute every look they attempt. I can’t speak for other bloggers but I’m going to keep it real with you right now and tell you that sometimes what you see as an end result is nowhere near what I pictured in my head or set out to do in the first place. So, if you find yourself frustrated when you’re trying something new remember, I’m right there with you, and I spent four and a half hours last night working on makeup just to have to wash most of it off in the end.

Me at the end of the night last night lol.

Anyways, here’s a step by step tutorial of what actually went right, you’ll notice some weird makeup on my face that won’t be in the end results, just ignore it. Seriously, it doesn’t exist, we never had this conversation capiche? Ha!

I started by adding a matte, vibrant green shadow to just the inner third of my eye with a flat concealer brush and then traced it up above my crease with the edge of the brush to create a sort of spike.

This shadow is from the Viseart Editorial Brights Palette

I repeated this shape with 3 more colors (shimmering light green, shimmering purple, and a shimmering teal) go further and further along the eye until I reached the outer third.

The last 3 colors are from the Urban Decay Electric Palette.

With a black felt-tip liner I traced little spikes underneath each color starting from the crease up to add more definition. I also lined my upper lash line and lower lash line with the same liner, bringing the bottom line a little lower and dragging the spike towards the inner corner of my eye.

I went back over the lower lash line/waterline with a black pencil liner as well leaving a little gap between the point of the line and the inner corner of my eye. 

Over the lower line I packed on some blue-brown duochrome pigment (Makeup Geek Pigment in Insomnia) using an angled liner brush. Since things were getting weird anyways, I also filled in my brows with the same pigment.motd-dragon-4

Next I took the Sigma E41 Duo Fibre Blending Brush and carved out a crease with a matte vibrant blue shade. Full disclosure, Sigma recently sent me a few different brush sets and this one is included in the Detail Brush Set. I haven’t had a chance to play with the others yet but I’m pretty obsessed with this one because I suck at cut creases. I’ll definitely let you guys know which brushes I am loving from the sets I received as I have time to really put them to the test.

This shade is from the Viseart Editorial Brights Palette.

I finished the eyes of with mascara and added just a touch of shimmery gold to the inner tear duct area.


For the rest of my makeup I went with a soft flush using Emite Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint and purple lips using a mix of MAC Colors (Flat Out Fabulous, Heroine, and Viva Glam Ariana II). motd-dragon-7

Overall I was please with the final result once I washed all of the other stuff off (THANK GOD)!

Would you rock something weird like this? Someone share their worst makeup fail story in the comments and make me feel better lol!

Love and hugs,



24 thoughts on “MOTD: The Almost Dragon Lady

  1. Dragon Lady?? How does a girl with green hair not think of being a Dragon Lady??? I love this! Especially the spikes, because while I can’t really do a corner flick, I can do this above my crease sag! I just find this so beautiful. I think it could be everyday glam makeup. But that vision in your mind not matching? Oh, the struggle is real.

    1. Thank you! Yeah my eye hangs over a bit above my crease so I liked that you can see this still, it also made it seem like I had more lashes I think. I spent so many times make scales on my face but I just didn’t like the placement in the end. Maybe next year!

  2. I totally see the “more lashes” illusion. Here’s my worst makeup fail: I was wearing a maxi dress out one night with a black and whitish chevron print on it. I decided to do my eyeliner in black and cream chevron to match. I spent over an hour on my eyeliner alone. I didn’t stop to take any breaks which is a bad idea when you have Fibromyalgia. I fiiiiinally got it to where I was happy after what seemed like an eternity. When I got up from my vanity I realized I had physically pushed myself too hard. I tried laying down until the pain subsided but it developed into a migraine. I was determined not to cancel on going out though! I got up and tried to push through it and ended up vomiting from the pain. When I got sick, it splashed up out of the toilet and INTO my EYES! Makeup INSTANTLY ruined. I was sooo mad. I cried and threw a tantrum, lol! As far as application going horribly, these days I’ll just give it up and go bare faced with a bold lip. Some days the makeup gods smile upon you, and on other days, well, you end up barfing on your own face, lol!

    1. Oh no! I would have cried too. Nothing worse than vomiting and getting toilet water splashed into your face, other than it messing up your makeup too. Info: too many dumb life experiences in my early 20s.

  3. This is awesome! Art for the face! I think it is gorgeous but relate so hard to the frustrated, “let me take it all off” feeling. This particularly happens with nail “art”, which I suck at.

    1. I liked how the eye makeup itself turned out, I had done some other special effects stuff for dragon scales and I liked the scales themselves but I could get the placement right. I’m the worst at nail art if it doesn’t involve dots lol.

      1. Oh man, you asked for worst beauty fails. One, would be chunks of liquid lipstick falling off my lips when I first started wearing it, and people asked what was wrong. The second, every nail art I have ever attempted that does not involve glitter or dots!

  4. This is so colorful and I do live it. It’s a very fun, graphic look. Your first picture – yeah, that’s my daily expression trying to do winged liner in the mornings! I can relate to that frustration lol.

    I’ve been playing around a bit with “graphic” liner looks, which can be frustrating due to my hooded lids, but I like the idea of the drawn on lashes! I’m pining for that Viseart bold palette, and may just give in as the other two I’m waiting on will never, never, never, ever be in stock (or so it seems).

    1. Thank you! I don’t have fully hooded lids but I definitely have a bit of overhang so I feel your pain at least a little bit. Sometimes I have to start the wing a little lower than I would normally for it to show up and not look insane so you might play with that. I’ve also done things where I do like a fake cut crease just above my actual crease so you can actually see it. I have used that Viseart Palette far more than I thought I would and I really love it. Morphe’s Picasso Palette is a more affordable option but the quality is not near as good. Still, with a little extra effort, you can make it work if you want to go that route.

  5. I reeeeeeaaaaaallllly want to hold out for the Viseart palette. The colors in your look are so beautiful! The green and purple are stunning. For me, quality eyeshadows are worth waiting for – hoping the Sephora VIB sale next month will help me out!!

    If time allows, I’ll use the broken-line technique that Pixiwoo made popular for winged liner, but most mornings if I go for wings vs. a smokey eye, I end up with two lopsided swoops going under the crease edges (attractive, I know). Maybe I’ll try starting the line on my bottom lash..? I do not miss my 20’s….but I wish my creases had stopped aging at that age rather than give in to gravity. Have you done a cut-crease tutorial or look? I keep meaning to give that a go.

    1. I think she has in the past on xovain. If she hasn’t, I know someone else has, as I remember seeing an article for it. Also, Mykie of Glam and Gore on YouTube does an awesome cut crease tutorial! She’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen her channel yet. She also has a great eyeliner video. Actually just watch all of them, lol. But really, those two are relevant to your question.

      1. I’ve followed Mykie for quite some time, and I enjoy her videos….isn’t she’s a doll!?! Unfortunately, many of her techniques don’t translate well to my eyes. Make-up tuts/videos as therapy has the added benefit of seeing the varied ways different MUA’s use for makeup application, but having to adopt new techniques for my hooded lids/creases migrating southward as I age gives me a hot case of the grumpies some mornings. Jackie Aina and Stephanie Lange have some nice cut crease tuts, but their focus seems to be on the glamour…interested in finding a tut that uses the cut-crease as an optical illusion. I’ll keep playing around with my eyeliner and see what I discover…because isn’t that what makeup for? 🙂

  6. Tried two new shea moisture products today. Waiting on more expensive options that may be gifts, but needed something now and heard Shea Moisture had hair masks! I had never turned around and seen the set up on the hair aisle at Walgreens, or they are new at my small town Walmart. All of the products and many other makeup options, including BRUSHES (sorry for crappy tie in to thread), are BOGO 50% off, which made the prices doable.

    1. After debating, I went with hydrating FACE mud mask for my almost 33 yo skin. Yellow container and Shea butter is a min ingredient and frankincense and myrrh where included, but no wise men. The pink container (which I had in lotion form had coconut oil as main ingredient and I already have high end coco oil).

    2. Much debating as unsure about Black hair products and unsure how this would translate to my limp, oily scalp, fine, thin Caucasian hair with partial Italian/Irish/etc. background. Ended up getting Jamaican castor oil strengthen, grow, treatment mask w shea butter, peppermint and keratin. Running low on my keratin product. Also heard castor oil helps eyebrows grow out quicker. Checked with stylist before using. Looked online for instructions and didn’t see any, only accommodations I made was dampening my hair, using mask, then washing my hair, rather than applying mask last and leaving in. Also put a plastic bag on my head and blasted with a hair dryer for a few minutes. My bf did both of these minus the hairdryer. I also stuck the Castor oil mask in my eyebrows–don’t judge. His kinky, coarse hair is the softest I have ever, ever felt it. And he is balding, so any hair restoring properties would be greatly appreciated! Tamara, just wanted to share how these wonderful products translated into my hair. I applied argon oil to both of our damp hair and let them be. Both products seem spectacular, and if anyone is unfamiliar, they are free of parapens and about 8 other nasty ingrediants. This nasty woman was happy to use these wonderful products!!!!! Thanks for introducing them so long ago, one of the few lotions and products I am completely loyal to now for my lotion (other than gifts) and I rave to everyone about them. I was disappointed to see them on the other side of the aisle at Walgreens. I didn’t have time to study carefully, but hope Black hair care isn’t separated. It’s not in the facial section, at least. Thanks again, & apologize for jacking thread.


    1. Shea Moisture is my forever love, I’m glad it worked for you guys! I just gifted a friend with some goodies from them and she loved them as well (she is Dominican so her hair is curly like mine but a lot coarser)! I love telling people about Shea Moisture! I’ll be including them at some point in my Black Owned Beauty Brands series on xoVain but I wanted to highlight some other brands first since most xo readers know I love Shea Moisture lol.

      1. I love finding new products and supporting women-based companies. I’ll go out of my way to support them by purchasing items I can use, and even spend a little more if need be. And I think shea moisture knowledge has saturated Vain, lol! I’ve been gushing over it, but I’m so happy ever frickin time I use it!!!

  7. When I was a makeup youngling, I thought it would be cool to ONLY wear green pencil eyeliner and to ONLY wear it on my lower lashline. AND I DIDN’T STOP EVEN WHEN IT WOULD SMUDGE AND TRAVEL AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE I WAS ROTTING.

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