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MOTD: What’s Your Everyday Makeup Look?

As I was getting ready the other day it occurred to me that I’ve been doing my makeup pretty much exactly the same every day for the last several weeks. I don’t know when I fell into this pattern, but I guess this look has become my new go-to. Honestly I feel like it’s a “look” born out of my general laziness and lack of prep time in the mornings before work, but it still manages to make me look and feel good so I’ll roll with it!

Lately I’ve been priming my lids with Beauty Bakerie EyesCream in Crumb Cake. It’s a pinky brown that I think works well on it’s own and as a base. motd-everyday-1

My favorite eye brush of all time is the Sigma E40 because it makes it really easy to do an eye look without using a ton of brushes. For this look I used it to add a hint of matte warm brown shadow to the outer third of my crease, and a bit of matte taupe shadow to all of my crease for some dimension.

Outer third: Violeta from the ABH Master Palette by Mario. Full Crease: Lula from the same palette.

I like fully matte looks but I just can’t resist a little shimmer or sheen on my lid! I added a neutral shimmer shadow all over the lid; the color I use varies depending on my mood, this time I used Marina from the same palette I used earlier.motd-everyday-3

Finally I finished the eyes by adding a soft metallic gold to the inner corners of my eyes and filling in my brows with Glossier Boy Brow in Brown (I think I’m going to try Black next now that my hair is back to it’s natural color).

I also lined very tightly along my upper lash line with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.

After I applied my foundation, I added a hint of color to my cheeks with a berry cream blush (Cheerio from Colour Pop) and a vivid pop on the lips with a cherry lipstick (Wet N Wild Cherry Picking). motd-everyday-5

This is the look I’ve mostly been rocking for the last month or so, the only thing that really changes is my lip color depending on my mood!

What is your go-to when you’re in a hurry?


13 thoughts on “MOTD: What’s Your Everyday Makeup Look?

    1. Awww thank you! On the eyes? It’s kind of small for the price but it’s one if the best cream eye shadow formulas I’ve used! I’m planning on doing a small brand review on Beauty Bakerie soon!

  1. I love the lips, but also, just your eyeshadow skills in general are always so awesome.

    My every day look is a brown/mauve/rosy eye and some kinda lip. Lip color changes every day. Sometimes I’ll shake it up and do a darker eye and a nude pink or mauve lip.

  2. Good night! That lipstick! I had to snap a screenshot, as to NEED this color in my life for this spring. It’s amazing how much just lipstick can completely change a look. This looks lovely! Do you happen to be writing anywhere else right now? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. I’m happy to find you here! Absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m not writing anywhere else currently, but my schedule has been so all over the place that I haven’t wanted to pitch until I knew I could keep a good writing pace and keep the blog up. I might just devote my time and energy to this completely. It’s a lot of (unpaid) work, but I like it!

  3. Loving the frequency of the posts! It’s been fun to still have your articles to turn to and read and see what you have been up too! Awesome!!!!

  4. Hi Tamara, Again miss you from xovain. My go to look is a matte reddishbrowin in the crease/transition (softly belended out ) and amber lights on the lids. with some shimmery white on brow/inner corner . I now use ud beware as crease/transition and a bourjois single ( lunar white ) or alternatively an old mufe ivory as a brow highlight ( they have the same consistency). I m not in love with how ud beware blends but the color is spot on for my eyes ( i previously used a shade a litttle bit lighter from pupa but i ve depottted it and i m into singles now 🙂 . Surprisingly i find them more travel friendly :)) Sometimes i darken the crease/under eye with lagoon blue. But i use amber lights 90% of the time. it s the only mac shade that i love but it s soo good 🙂 Do you know any good cream version dupes for it? 🙂

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