What’s In My Bag Wednesday

If you’re a beauty lover like me, than you probably carry at least a small makeup bag full of “essential” beauty items in your purse. I say essential in quotation like that because if you’re truly anything like me, than that bag starts to fill up with more than just the essentials over time. What a person keeps in their makeup bag can tell you a lot about them in my opinion, mine for instance probably reflects my utter lack of ability to keep anything simple lol.

Filled to the brim.

Let’s talk about the bag first! Previously I’d just shove random bits of makeup into every available pocket of my purse. I finally broke down and started putting them into an actual pouch when I lost a brand new lip gloss because it fell out of one of the pockets (I’m still bitter). This pouch came with a sample pack of Pinrose perfumes and I’m obsessed with it’s unicorn-y goodness. Also, it doesn’t look like it would hold that much but as you can see, it definitely does!

The goods!

My original intention in having a makeup bag in my purse was to carry enough stuff to create a makeshift look on the fly, plus whatever lip color I feel like wearing for the day. Obviously that got a little out of hand on the lip color end, but overall I’ve stuck to the same stuff.

Starting at the far right are the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stains in Honey and Smitten. Both of these have been staples for me for the last couple of years because they feel very comfortable on the lips and provide a buildable amount of color. Honey is a great my lips but better shade, and Smitten is a lush berry shade.

Next up is the Glossier Balm dotcom which is a universal salve that I cannot get enough of! I use this primarily on my lips, but I also rub it on my cuticles to keep them moisturized. I’m down to my last tube of the four that I had (I always end up passing it along to friends) so i definitely need to stock up!

There are four other lipsticks here (plus one multi-stick), all of which I’ve mentioned at some point or another on this blog. I like to keep some neutral shades and some darker or more vibrant shades on hand in case my mood changes throughout the day. Included are: Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Cherry Picking, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo, Jordana Sweet Cream Matte in Molten Chocolate Cake, and Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Sheer Rapture. I also carry the Bite Multi-Stick in Biscotti as both a lip and cheek color on the go.

I don’t carry any eye shadow as far as eye makeup goes, but I do carry a mascara mini (this one was a 100 point MUFE reward from Sephora), a brow gel (Benefit Gimme Brow), and a couple of eye pencils (I have one from Sigma and one from NYX here), and two eye liner options (a bright blue from Makeup Geek) and a bronze one from Colour Pop (I use this as a cream shadow sometimes too).

I typically spritz myself with my chosen perfume before I leave the house, but in the event that I forget, I keep a tiny rollerball of Tom Ford Black Orchid in my pouch.

A few months ago my lovely friend Lisa sent me a bunch of goodies from her stash and in addition to a lot of full-sized products, she portioned out a little bit of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal and Moonstone and sealed them in a contact lense case (best idea ever). I keep these with me in case I need a little added glow during the day!

Probably my favorite thing in the bag though is this old compact that used to belong to my great grandma. It’s not a super expensive thing, but I like it’s vintage look and I like that it was hers!whats-in-my-bag-3

What do you carry in your makeup bag or what’s in your purse?


4 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag Wednesday

  1. Yay! I love to see what people carry around. My bag depending on where I’m going/ how big my bag is. For awhile I was commuting to work and would do my makeup on the ride, so obviously I had it narrowed down to my daily basics–which also made packing super easy, plus or minus a few more eyeshadows or lipsticks. But the bag was huge. Lately I’ve been getting lazy, not carrying a purse as often, and will find myself sticking my lipstick in my pocket. There have been a couple times I’ve been walking into Walgreens or CVS and felt obligated to tell the cashiers right away, “hey this is mine” and holding them up, just in case.

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