Pass or Purchase? New Colour Pop Goodies

I like a lot of variety when it comes to makeup, so I wouldn’t say that I am brand loyal to any one brand. There are certain brands though, that I tend to have a lot of products from including Colour Pop. I first reviewed Colour Pop back in 2014 when they just had lipstick and cream shadow in their lineup, but they have since expanded the brand to include a vast array of goodies. Recently they released pressed powder eye shadows (singles and palettes), and since I love the original shadows so much, I knew I had to check them out. I also picked up a new shade of Lippie Stix (Sauce) and a Super Shock Cheek (Birthday Suit).

I already messed with these before I took a pic, I just couldn’t wait!

Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Sauce

I’ve got a handful of matte and satin finish Lippie Stix in my collection already, but this particular shade is in the Matte X formula. First of all this color is a GORGEOUS dusty rose shade that I really love with my skin tone. The formula actually feels really creamy at first and glides on very opaque, before drying down to a very matte finish. I really love the color and application of Sauce, but I will say that it does feel pretty drying, almost like a liquid lipstick. As far as wear, I found this to be a little inconsistent. It would stay on most of my lips all day, but I did have to reapply to the inner center of my lips every couple of hours because it would wear down or flake. Since this is only $5 and the color is perfect I’m willing to do that, but I do wish it wore more consistently.

Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek in Birthday Suit

This is not a new color to the lineup, but it is new to me. I am obsessed with the Super Shock Cheek formula, because it is one of the few cream blushes that actually stays put on my oily skin. This particular color is a very soft pink which I think looks really fresh. It’s a touch lighter than I was expecting, but I still really love it!

Colour Pop Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Hi-Maintenance

I decided to purchase one of the palettes containing the new pressed shadows instead of just individual pans because I thought it was a pretty good value ($18 for 4 shadows; $4.50 per pan). Hi-Maintenance comes with one satin finish soft gold (Just in Time), a metallic finish rose gold (High Strung), a matte pink (Get Out), and a matte dusty rose (Cute Alert).

L to Right: Just in Time, High Strung, Get Out, Cute Alert. Super Shock Cheek in Birthday Suit, and Lippie Stix in Sauce.

High Strung was the major standout in this palette for me. It is very metallic and applies very similarly to the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows minus the oiliness. The pigmentation is on point, and it’s a beautiful color! Just in Time is a very beautiful inner corner highlight and although it’s listed as a satin finish, I’d say it’s a softer metallic finish. I like that it’s on the warm side, and that it not a stark white highlight. Application of this is smooth as well and it’s well pigmented. The two mattes are where I had some problems. Both are well pigmented, but they are a bit dry, making them somewhat difficult to blend. I don’t think mattes are hard to do at an affordable price to be honest so I was a little disappointed there, but they aren’t so bad that I can’t work with them. I also thought it would have made more sense for there to be a neutral matte tan shade instead of Get Out for a transition color. Overall though, these colors all wear nicely together.

High Strung on the lid, Cute Alert in the crease, Get Out as a transition Shade, and Just in Time on the inner corner.

On whole I was pleased with my Colour Pop purchase and would definitely purchase more of the metallic and Satin finish pressed shadows as I was impressed with their quality. I may try one more matte in an individual pan to see if that makes a difference as far as quality as well.

All of the goodies in action (pardon the cat hair on my nose lol).

Have any of you tried the new pressed shadows? What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Pass or Purchase? New Colour Pop Goodies

  1. Sauce looks beautiful on you! How do you apply Colourpop blushes? I find it hard to apply this formula. I tride it with a brush and my fingers but it doesn’t seem to apply easily.

  2. I just got Birthday Suit recently too! It’s because I love Aphrodisiac so so so much, I thought I’d try a slightly linker tone. It’s very soft.
    I’m in love with the new pressed powder shadows, Paper Tiger is just the greatest color ever. I have 11 or 12 now I think. I really like the mattes, but I have dry skin so maybe they are acting differently on me. I haven’t got the High Maintenance palette, but those pinks are calling to me.

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