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Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!

I’ve long been a fan of Zoya for nail polish because their formulas are excellent, long-wearing and they have so many color options! Despite being a fan, I somehow totally missed the boat on their lipsticks! Recently for National Lipstick Day, Zoya ran an excellent promotion in which you could get two lipsticks for only the cost of shipping them. Of course I had to jump on that deal!

I paid $6.95 for both and got them with 3 business days from ordering, so I was definitely pleased with how quickly my order was expedited and shipped to me! The first thing I noticed once I removed the lipsticks from their boxes was that one of them was safety sealed while the other was not. My coworker ordered and received her lipsticks on the same days as me and she noted that neither of hers were safety sealed. I don’t typically care one way or the other if a product has that plastic seal on it or not, but I do care about consistency in packaging/shipping. Not a deal breaker, but a bit of a no-no.zoya one

The packaging of the lipstick itself is just basic plastic, nothing fancy but sturdy enough. The cap seems to stay put well which I’m always kind of leery of in cheaper packaging.

I do really like the shape of the lipstick itself, it’s a standard angled stick, but a little flatter and wider which I find makes application easier and crisper. zoya two

As far as formula goes, Violette applied very smoothly but I did find it took a few swipes to build up to the same saturation level as Matte Velvet Red. The color looks quite different on the site than it does in real life, it’s far lighter in my opinion. It’s a very lovely, cool-toned purple, just not what I was expecting in looking at the swatches on Zoya’s website. Wear was comfortable, I did have to reapply after eating but that’s pretty standard for creamy lipsticks.zoya five

The Matte Velvet Red was the only color on the website that explicitly said it was matte so I definitely wanted to pick it up, especially because the shade is a gorgeous, cool-toned red. The lipstick was very opaque, I didn’t really have to layer to get full saturation and it glided on very smoothly. I absolutely love the color and the way it applied, but this is definitely not a matte lipstick. It had a sheen upon application, but I waited for a few minutes to let it dry down to matte and it never did (I waited about 20 min actually because I got sidetracked). I compared the ingredients lists on both lipsticks and they are identical. If you’re in the market for a very creamy, satin finish red, this is still an excellent lipstick, but don’t expect it to be the velvety matte advertised.zoya six

zoya three
Zoya The Perfect Lipstick L-Matte Velvet Red R-Violette

Both lipsticks also had a faint, almost crayon-like scent that faded upon application. I’m not scent-sensitive so this is not a problem for me, but I’m assuming that the number of waxes listed in the ingredients probably has something to do with this. The lipstick itself doesn’t feel super waxy but definitely has the comfort of a lip balm.

Overall despite some hiccups I think I’d definitely check out other colors from the brand. I think in the future I’ll take to the interwebs to try to find more true to color swatches of the shades but I am a fan of how they feel on the lips! Not my favorite lipstick of all time, but still nice!

Did any of you catch the lipstick sale? What colors did you pick? What’s your all time favorite lipstick brand or formula?



One thought on “Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!

  1. You have the most beautiful lips I have ever seen! Also I love the colors you chose, so pretty. Lovely post to read 😉 Would you mind check out my page? We could follow each other and be internet friends, it would mean the world to me 🙂
    Love, Mimi

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