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What’s Your Most “Slept On” Beauty Product?

Every time there is a new product launch, you see every one writing about it, vlogging about, etc. for a couple of weeks to a month and then often it just fades into the background. Similarly, I sometimes get super excited for new stuff, but then ultimately end up forgetting about for a time before rediscovering it again later. Sometimes I realize that I hadn’t used it because it wasn’t that great, and sometimes I kick myself for forgetting about it because it’s the best ever. In the case of  the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation (phew that was a mouthful), I am seriously giving myself the side eye for sleeping on it!

MUFE HD Stick 1
A pretty good sized product, I wear shade 153-Y405 Golden Honey


I have a few foundation favorites in a variety of formulas and finishes but sometimes those don’t seem to hold up as well depending on the season. Even though I have oily skin, I don’t typically like foundations marketed for my skin type. I used to love a matte finish foundation, but now I prefer something that looks a little fresher. Often these foundations don’t hold up well on my face though because they are better suited to dry skin. This is not the case with MUFE HD, it looks really fresh and skin-like on, but stays put on me all day with minimal blotting (which is something I have to do no matter what).

MUFE HD Stick 3
This is freshly applied, indoor vanity lighting. My skin looks smoother than it does in real life FYI, but it’s still a pretty good representation of the finish.


This stick has a medium to full coverage, which is helpful to me because there are some areas of my face that I like to have a little extra coverage on. My preferred method of application with this is clean fingers, because it helps the foundation melt into the skin better, however a buffing brush is also really nice. I tried blending with a Beauty Blender, but it just took to much time and more product.

MUFE HD Stick 4
Another view in a mixture of indoor and outdoor (via skylight) lighting about 4 hour of wear.

As far as wear, it shifts a little by about midday in the center of my face, but that is common for me with every foundation I use. I typically just blot with a tissue and it looks good as new! Even though it can be full coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey!

MUFE HD Stick 5
Taken at the end of the day in indoor lighting (mixture of warm vanity lights and an overhead fluorescent). 


I am so glad I rediscovered this foundation stick, because it’s become one of my favorite complexion products to use. It’s quick and convenient, and it gives my skin such a nice glow without being greasy!

What products have you slept on? Have any of your favorites been products you forgot about for a while?


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Most “Slept On” Beauty Product?

  1. Love this recommendation! I have been wishing elf hadn’t discontinued their moisturizing foundation stick, because that saved my skin two winters in a row!

    1. Yeah I don’t use stick foundation a lot but it’s been really handy in my gym bag and it seems to be playing well with my skin this winter! I powder before and after as I do with every foundation but it wears really well for me!

  2. Dang, girl! You are looking so fierce!
    I’ll have to give this a try, because I’m also in the oily skin, but not loving the super matte foundation camp.
    I’ve never really tried stick formulas because I worry that they have something in them that will make me break out, although I realize I have no logical basis for that thought.

    1. Thank you!!
      Definitely try it and let me know what you think. I find what has helped me with any foundation I’ve used (save for matte ones) is to lightly powder my face before and after applying. Not super heavy but just enough to absorb the extra oil!

  3. Late to comment on this, but I feel like I do this all the time! I think my makeup storage is part of the problem – I don’t buy a ton of new stuff or anything, but I forget about products I can’t see and then stick with the same couple of things. One thing recently I’be rediscovered is a Marc Jacobs blush I got probably…4 years ago. Yikes. It’s powder so hopefully I’m not doing something terrible by still using it. It’s the perfect color and finish and looks so natural. It’s kind of expensive but lasts forever (obviously), and it has no sparkle or shimmer, which is surprisingly hard to find in high end blushes (or at least it was 4 years ago).

    Also, the Revlon Balm Stains. I actually threw all mine out a couple of months ago because I’d had them for a lonnnng time, but I need to rebuy them. They’re amazing. They’re moisturizing, last a long time, fade well when they do fade, and are so affordable. I’ve tried other options and even more expensive ones either aren’t as good or are just as good. I found them originally because of xoVain, which is also how I found your blog/IG!

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