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Update Time!

Hello from the world’s worst blog updater haha! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, but I thought I’d check in and write an update about my weight loss and fitness journey as I’ve hit my year anniversary! It seems crazy to me that I’m a year into this adventure already!!

I spoke about the beginning of my journey on a blog post I made about 7 months ago (read it here), so if you’re interested in what got me started and kept me motivated in the beginning, definitely read that post first! Lots of things have happened/changed since that last post and I’m excited to share with you the things I’ve been able to accomplish since I started!

I Walked my First 10K!

I mentioned in the last update that I decided to pick a fitness goal for myself to work towards to keep me focused on working out consistently. I had done a couple of 5K walks and other fun runs before, so I thought it would be best to challenge myself to train for and walk a 10K from Decemeber to April!  The week of the race I nervously kept an eye on the forecast as it was projected to rain that day (and only that day as luck would have it haha) and I was nervous it would storm enough to get the race cancelled. Fortunately although it did rain, the race was not cancelled and I was able to slog through it!10K 1

My friend Aubrie was kind enough to walk the race with me, and although it was a very soggy endeavor, it made all the difference to have her support along the way.10K 2

The last two or so miles were the hardest for me mentally, but a few of my friends showed up around that point in the race to cheer me on a bit and that helped to refresh my mental state. I was also pleasantly surprised to find even more friends waiting to cheer me through to the finish (seriously, get yourself some friends like mine). 10K 5

My goal for the race was to finish it in two hours (20 min per mile pace) and I’m happy to say that I was able to come in a little under that!10K 3

Overall the experience was really great/exhausting/trying/fun/etc. Leading up to it and immediately after I told myself I never wanted to do anything more than a 10K, but within a week I made the decision to begin training for a half mile (walk) in October. I realized having goals set that I haven’t achieved yet help to really keep me on track with working out, and I’m excited to tackle this new challenge!

Other Fitness Milestones

My 10K was really the big fitness goal for the past several months, but I’ve done some other things that although they may seem small, have been big for me personally! One of those things is going on a bike ride! Now for some, a bike ride may seem like no big deal, but I seriously hadn’t ridden a bike since I was in elementary school (I’m 32 now) and I’d been scared in recent years to give it try because I wasn’t sure I could physically handle it. I rode for about an hour with a couple of girlfriends and had the best time!

bike ride

I also recently was able to go hiking (I live in Kansas so no mountains, but we did end up in some mildly hilly areas) and made plans to do some more hiking soon. I never thought I’d be able to do that since walking was so challenging for me in the past, so it was nice to be able to get through it without feeling overly fatigued halfway through. hike

The best thing about my fitness journey so far has been that I feel stronger every day and my body is able to do more and more active things that I never had the energy or physicality to do before. I don’t think it’s impossible to be active at the size I was at before (everyone is different) but I really struggled to get my body moving in the beginning!

Weight Loss Milestones

Although being healthier has always been my primary goal, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I have weight loss goals as well! As of yesterday I had surpassed my first big weight loss goal which was to lose 100 pounds. I didn’t have a set time I wanted to lose it in, I just wanted to get from 400 pounds to 300 pounds in however long my body needed. Currently my weight is at 294.6 which completely blows me away. The last time my weight was in the 200s I was in my sophomore year of high school! Another cool thing about weight loss so far is the way my body composition has changed. With a combination of eating well (about 80% clean) and exercising (strength training and cardio combined), my body shape has changed quite a bit which has even impacted the size clothing I wear. I’m actually in a size that I was wearing when I was about 25 pounds lighter than I am now. The thing I love about that is that it really illustrates that weight itself as measurement is only a tiny piece of the overall picture, which I think is really helpful to remember! I also take measurements and lots of progress photos to help me track other non-scale victories!


Collage 2018-06-05 09_56_10

Collage 2018-05-28 06_33_51

I don’t know what my final weight goal will be because it will be entirely dependent on where my body lands as I continue to do what I’m doing. My focus is on results that are realistic and maintainable for me, I never want to be killing myself to be a certain size or weight!

I’m so excited to have made a year of healthier choices and am looking forward to making a lifelong commitment to doing so!


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