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How Do You Store Your Beauty Bounty?

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved into a new apartment, and one of my favorite things about it is that there is so much storage space including built in shelving in my bathroom. A more responsible adult would probably use this space for towels and such, but I’ve dedicated the entire 6-shelf unit to all thing makeup/skincare. I’m not 100% sold on the way I have everything displayed (I’ve got a few kinks to work out), but here’s what I’m working with so far:

I actually keep my every day skincare on the counter next to the sink, but the rest of it is kept on the top shelf in the built-in cabinets. This shelf includes my weekly masks, back up moisturizers, and body creams, lotions, and oils.Makeup storage 1

I don’t really have a fancy way of storing these things, but I like having them all where I can see them instead of thrown in a drawer somewhere.

The next shelf is where I store all of my fragrances.

Makeup Storage 2
I always finish my outfit with fragrance, so I thought it was appropriate to add Alison Freer’s “How To Get Dressed”  to this shelf (plus it matches the colors perfectly)! You can buy it, or her new book, “The Accessory Handbook” on Amazon!

I found this gold tray at Target a few years ago, and it’s been perfect for storing all my perfume bottles.

On the shelf below my fragrances I have a shelf dedicated to makeup brushes, highlighters, blush, foundation, concealer, and some of my most used storage 3

I bought a couple of empty glass bowls at the dollar store and used them for my brushes (the pearls around the bottom are some cheap costume beads from Halloween), and then I had an acrylic makeup organizer that I purchased on Amazon a while back. I have my most used foundations and lipsticks housed in it, as well as some cream blushes, glitter pigments, and cream and powder highlighters. I keep my eye and face brushes separate, but not all of them are even up here (I need more bowls lol)!

Below this shelf is eye pencils, lip pencils, liquid lipsticks, extra lipsticks, beauty sponges, some miscellaneous things I don’t have a home for yet, and old pictures of my grandma Reva and my great-grandma Barbara a.k.a. my beauty muses (both have passed away). I have two more grandmas I’d like to add to the fray, but I’ve got to figure out space and what frames I want to use!makeup storage 4

Palettes are my problem child right now because I have a lot of them in various shapes and sizes. For now here’s what they look like:Makeup storage 5

This has got to be the most visually unappealing way to store these things, but I just don’t know what I want to do yet. I used to keep my palettes in a small magazine holder, but that was back when I only had four lol. I thought about standing them up between two cute book ends, but I think that will mean I’ll have to find a place for some of the smaller palettes. Suggestions are welcome!

The last shelf isn’t pictured, but it’s where I keep my freelance kit and my nail stuff.

How do you store your beauty stuff? Organization aficionados, lend me your ears, or better yet, your ideas lol!



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