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MOTD: Antique Rose

I've been in a bit of  a makeup rut lately I think. Actually scratch that, rut seems too negative. Basically I've been doing the same makeup look almost every day for the last few months, and although I like the look (it's easy and quick), I've just been itching to play around a little bit… Continue reading MOTD: Antique Rose

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How Do You Store Your Beauty Bounty?

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved into a new apartment, and one of my favorite things about it is that there is so much storage space including built in shelving in my bathroom. A more responsible adult would probably use this space for towels and such, but I've dedicated the entire… Continue reading How Do You Store Your Beauty Bounty?

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What’s Your Most “Slept On” Beauty Product?

Every time there is a new product launch, you see every one writing about it, vlogging about, etc. for a couple of weeks to a month and then often it just fades into the background. Similarly, I sometimes get super excited for new stuff, but then ultimately end up forgetting about for a time before… Continue reading What’s Your Most “Slept On” Beauty Product?

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Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!

I've long been a fan of Zoya for nail polish because their formulas are excellent, long-wearing and they have so many color options! Despite being a fan, I somehow totally missed the boat on their lipsticks! Recently for National Lipstick Day, Zoya ran an excellent promotion in which you could get two lipsticks for only… Continue reading Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!