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What’s In My Bag Wednesday

It's been about a year since I updated you all on what beauty stuff I haulĀ around in my purse every day, so I thought I'd bust out another "What's in my Bag Wednesday"! I am fascinated by what other people carry around with them, it's always fun to hear what they carry and why. A… Continue reading What’s In My Bag Wednesday

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Getting Over Your Fear of the Gym

When I started my journey it was summertime and I spent a lot of time walking outside enjoying nature. When the end of October hit and the weather got colder (and it started getting darker sooner), I knew I was going to have to take myself to the gym to keep the momentum going. Let… Continue reading Getting Over Your Fear of the Gym

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Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!

I've long been a fan of Zoya for nail polish because their formulas are excellent, long-wearing and they have so many color options! Despite being a fan, I somehow totally missed the boat on their lipsticks! Recently for National Lipstick Day, Zoya ran an excellent promotion in which you could get two lipsticks for only… Continue reading Zoya Has Lipstick, How Did I Miss This?!