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Update Time!

Hello from the world's worst blog updater haha! It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but I thought I'd check in and write an update about my weight loss and fitness journey as I've hit my year anniversary! It seems crazy to me that I'm a year into this adventure already!! I… Continue reading Update Time!

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My Weekly Workout Routine

I've mentioned before that part of what can be intimidating about going to the gym is not knowing what you're doing. When I started working on being healthier, I started out slow. I had no idea what to do really, I just knew I needed to get up and get moving. As I have gotten… Continue reading My Weekly Workout Routine

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Tools for Success: What Keeps You Consistent?

As someone who has done plenty of yo-yoing as far as food and exercise goes, I've given myself just about every "out" you can there is over the years. Typically I'd decide I was going to make some changes, and then I'd dive head first into those changes for about a month before I burned… Continue reading Tools for Success: What Keeps You Consistent?